Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you created this site?
The saying goes that the best way to win a contest is to enter it. This site is devoted to just that idea. If you want to win contests and get great free gifts, the first step is entering. Most people see a contest and think, "I could never win!" so they don't enter. That's good for you! Now you have a much larger chance of winning! All you have to do is enter. If you don't win one contest, perhaps you will win the next.

Can I add contests to your site?
Yes! You may add new contests and they will be added to the database very quickly. You can
add contests here.

Will this site be updated often?
Yes! Because people can add their own contests to this site, new contests are always coming in! Check back often to find out new ways to win!

How can I contact you?
You can contact me in a number of ways. You can e-mail me
here. Please e-mail me any comments you may have!

How is this site run?
This site is written in HTML by hand. No editors were used. The main database of this site is written in a programming language known as Perl. In Perl you can write useful internet web sites such as this one.